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    ive has this camera for a while, just getting around to using it. I’ve tried everything to get the driver installed. I just keep getting a Windows message saying the driver has malfunctioned. I’m using Windows 10, but I also tried it on a Windows 8 laptop, tried several wires, thru my powered usb hub and directly to my laptop. Deleted, reinstalled, reboot, Windows update, I think I’ve tried everything.  Anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong?



    Not sure if it would help, but I would download the drivers direct from the  company website, assuming that it may have changed since you’ve gotten it. Sometimes the software that comes with the disk is outdated or incompatible.

    Just a thought.



    For whatever reason, I brought the camera and laptop in the house, hooked it up and it loaded immediately…go figure.



    Typical ZWO!  I gave up on them.  I’ve had that camera and the 071 and nothing but issues.  The 071 would freeze up every time I cooled it.  Sent it back twice and gave up and moved to ATIK

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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