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    Wanting to purchase a premium mount I sold my AZ-EQ6, but unforeseen expenses made that impossible so what to do. I decide on a iOptron CEM60 which I think will be an upgrade on what I had. Also got the adapter to mount on my pier in my “Mini” observatory. At this time of year in Norway the skies are very light and impossible to see any stars, so I’ll have to set up and test in my garage. Just hoping I haven’t done something stupid, a lot of different opinions about this mount and the “Magnetic” coupling of the gears. But I decided to listen to people who own the mount and not the ones with different mounts that had other ideas about what could go wrong. You can ruin any mount if you don’t use it correctly. Looking forward to trying it under guiding as my guiding with the AZ-EQ wasn’t great. Liked the PE test report that was in the box. I’ll come back with more info on how I’m doing when the sky darkens.



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