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    Well the CEM60EC was delivered yesterday. Still awaiting the polemaster adapter and pier extension. I have both from the other CEM60 but figure just wait a day and install everything new.


    So since we are waiting on parts might as well meet the new “BUDDY” for my star gazing and astrophotography endeavors.


    So meet Jaz IV






    Cute dog! I like the markings around his eyes. What breed?



    Jaz IV is our 4th Registered Black Tri  Australian Shepard. All 4 females. She is the first to have a tail all the others had their tail docked at birth.

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    I finally got the polemaster adapter and Polar scope panel power supply and new Mini pier for the CEM60EC.  I made the  plate adapter and mounted in the roll off on the PierTech2. I got the ES127CF FCD100 / QSI6120 combo all set up onit and got a really good polar align. Plate solved and did an auto focus and then closed it all up. Lots of clouds moving in.


    Rain tonight so I do not know when I will get to try the tracking with the EC version. Supposed to be able to get 0.3″ RMS without guiding so we will see. Round stars  25mins guided and I am happy.





    Beautiful dogs Rick!  I’m jealous….

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