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    My company has a fair amount of computer equipment (laptops, etc) that it wants to “retire” from company service and breed good will by selling or giving it away to company employees.
    Now, the question is, what is a fair and profitable policy?
    Let’s say they are selling an old laptop. The amortized value is probably close to $0.00. The true value is closer to $300.00.
    They want to sell it to the employees as a fair price. However, MANY employees may want said laptop.
    In my cousin’s company, they send around an email saying “laptop for sale: $x.xx. Then whoever wants it’s names are put into a hat and a winner is randomnly chosen, and they may purchased the equipment at the previously stated price.
    Should this be our policy? The CTO wants me to write up a fair policy.
    How should we handle special circomstances, i.e. “someone asked first”, “he’s a VP, he’s special” etc.

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.

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