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    bi-color Ha and O-IIIon 11” RASA, ASI1600mm. If I recall this was ~250×30 secs each.


    Nicely Done, Very Haunting!

    Such a great target.  I’m looking at a RASA for fun right now.  How do you like it?


    Well done Brian! I probably won’t have a chance to image this, this year but I should mark it down.


    Hey Sean, they are amazing. I’ve had a problem with mine, worked a little on collimating it,  it it’s still off. I’ll give another try at it, I bought the Hotech Advanced Collimation Tool model at about $450. It’s nice,  it still difficult to do this scope. I spoke to Celestron, they charge $425 to do it. So it maybe going there to get it right.

    doing NB on the RASA is not cheap either, I bought all Baader equipment, including the 2” f/2 filters. I waited 11 months for the filters. BUT I am very happy with the results. The RASA has serious problems if you have a bright star in the field of view, (I’ll post another image on that).


    Hey Mike, depending on your scope, there is so much opportunity in this region of some really great shots. This was my first in NB (this and the Eagle) and I’m amazed at the results. It’s definitely very forgiving of the guy behind the scope.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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