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    Going back to where it all started, with a little upgrade 🙂  I have a new ES127CF coming. It was my favorite scope for shooting a couple years ago and now I am going to put the new one in the observatory on the CEM60 and use the TOA150 for visual

    The new ES127CF is the upgraded version with FCD100 glass. So it should be even better corrected than my first version which I was very happy with. Funny how this journey has been and all the scopes I have had and tried. And then in the end back with one of the originals. I definitely decided I am a refractor person. I had the ATRC8, 12″DOB, 16″DOB, and now the SW180 Mak-Cass, which is for sale but if not sold I will keep and try my hand at Planetary imaging. All were awesome and were used but all gone now and replaced with a Takahashi TOA150 for visual and the ES127 for imaging.

    I still have the SV70T for wide angle so I hope to stop chasing scopes and settle down with these 3-4 scopes and enjoy and learn to perfect their use.

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