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    Wanting to purchase a premium mount I sold my AZ-EQ6, but unforeseen expenses made that impossible so what to do. I decide on a iOptron CEM60 which I think will be an upgrade on what I had. Also got the adapter to mount on my pier in my “Mini” observatory. At this time of year in Norway the skies are very light and impossible to see any stars, so…[Read more]

  • Finishing up my mini observatory, I’m tired of carrying everything out just to have the skies cloud over. This is a light weight plywood shell that will be screwed to the deck where my pier comes through. It hinges completely over (180). I am building an internal box to house my pc and power supply and hoping to figure out a system forreducing a…[Read more]

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    Added more data and reprocessed. Again, started out with SHO palette but this time decided to go a with a little lighter color. Now I have about 10-11 hours of data, last set was taken with some wind so a lot had to be deleted and maybe the stars could be a little effected. Please comment, need all the feedback I can get.

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