The reason I migrated to this new build was because the older build limited us to 800 pixels for showing our photos.  We all know how much a bummer that is.  So I spent the bucks and got them to migrate to a bigger package so I could give you the ability to show your photo in a much larger format as they well deserve.  It’s been a real challenge to get all of this working.  They certainly do not make it easy to put all this together and get it working.  Anyway here is an update and please know that I will get this working one way or another.  You all deserve it and I really enjoy seeing your work in full resolution. So

My plan is to have this page as a place where I can pass on information as it becomes available for those that might just be visiting and do not yet have a logon for the forum page.  Eventually I would like it to also be a place where you can provide feedback on how the site works for you and what are good experiences with it and what experiences that might not be so good.

This is all new to me but in the end I really want to create a place where we can all share and encourage each other as we continue to master our skills as Astrophotogrophers.

Please know that getting a logon has been troublesome because there are all kinds of people out there that have their own agenda and it has nothing to do with what we want to do and talk about.

I’m trying very hard to find a way for you to register and have it clearly show that you are a legitimate user and not just some Bot or other nefarious creature out there who’s sole purpose is to interrupt our fun or cause damage to the site.

So if you are or have been waiting to get a logon and you are not sure why it’s taking so long it may be because the information that you are providing is confusing.  I’m aware of this and promise to make this easier.  I really enjoy seeing all of your work and most of all enjoy your feedback to help me and others get better at this art form.

I’ll keep you posted and hopefully will be able to post an email address that you can turn to if you feel that your sign on is taking too long.

This site is a work in progress but I will get it down and it will be a great place to show, share, and just admire the great work that all of you are doing.

I really appreciate all of your patience and I assure you that once the kinks are worked out that we will have a great site to EASILY share and help one another.  I won’t quit until it is right.

In the meantime, please keep posting your images and any thoughts or ideas that you may have to help us get the site working and make it better.

Please feel free to use the forum pages to add any comments or ideas that may help us improve

Thanks for the patience Sean